Dr. Pankaj Naram has a new life-changing product line that will be available in the US!

Until now it has been difficult to get Dr. Naram’s herbs, because you had to meet him in person on one of his tours. Now, that is about to change. You will be able to benefit from the ancient healing herbs and experience the differences in your life.

Respect industry leader, Gerry Lehrburger (owner of the Jackson Wellsprings), is one of the big supporters of ancient healing methods and has invited Dr. Naram to join the Health Research Institute’s board of advisors. He also has invited Ancient Healing, LLC to Ashland, Oregon, where Dr. Naram’s new product line can be available. And also more very exciting news – new collaborations on the horizon with the Health Research Institute which may include growing more of the needed herbs locally. Much more to come, stay tuned!

We are very much looking forward to when you will be able to buy Dr. Naram’s new products (a brand new line of herbal supplements) from this new location, AND register for events & seminars at the Wellsprings, in Ashland, Oregon. Stay up to date with news and information at https://www.ancienthealing.com/dr-pankaj-naram-news/

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