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Master Healer Pankaj Naram with Ancient handwritten Siddha-Veda Scriptures

Siddha Veda is a tradition that enriches the lives of those who discover its ancient treasures and remedies. As one of the world’s oldest health-care system — it continues to grow because it works in bringing Vibrant Health, Unlimited Energy & Peace of Mind. With origins of Master Healer Pankaj Dr. Naram’s lineage dating back over 2,500+ years, these remedies are based on one guiding principle: address the root cause of an ailment rather than its symptoms. Once the root cause or blockage is understood, balance can be restored through a combination of remedies & other Ancient Secrets instruments, and symptoms often then disappear naturally.

This work and remedies are promoted by organizations around the world as a safe and effective means of correcting common wellness problems. Growing numbers of universities, wellness professionals, health-care specialists, medical doctors, and wellness institutions are learning Dr. Pankaj Naram Secret Remedies, Ancient Secrets. They are funding research about these powerful & effective remedies & protocols.

The six classical instruments of Siddha Veda are: 1) diet, 2) lifestyle, 3) herbal supplements, 4) home remedies, 5) marma chikitsa (system of subtle energy points in the body, which can be pressed for the desired effect), and 6) panchakarma or asthakarma (deep cleansing and rejuvenation).

Siddha Veda suggests that there are three primary qualities or principles that govern every human body

These principles are called doshas (Pita, Vata, and Kapha), which are derived from the five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space. It is the doshas that regulate all actions of the body. While the doshas are balanced, we experience good health, vitality, ease, strength, flexibility and emotional well-being. If the doshas fall out of balance, and/or we accumulate Aam (toxins), then we experience energy loss, discomfort, pain, mental or emotional instability and, ultimately, disease.

Master Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram and the wellness specialists he has trained work with the whole person according to these ancient principles and remedies that create harmony in body, mind, emotions and spirit, thereby restoring optimal health. This approach is natural and preventative. It provides simple, effective means to increase energy, enthusiasm, and tranquility.

You can now click on the links below, for specific Dr. Pankaj Naram Secret Remedies  to deal with imbalances in the body, mind, and emotions. [Food, Diet, & Digestion Secrets (Weight Loss, Etc); SECRETS For Healthy Lungs, Throat & Breathing; SECRETS For Healthy Joints & Back; SECRETS For Healthy Brain & Emotion; SECRETS For Sex & Fertility; SECRETS For Healthy, Fulfilled Children; SECRETS For Healthy Heart & Blood; SECRETS For Great Skin & Hair; SECRETS For Healthy Eyes & Ears; SECRETS For Energy, Immunity, & Sound Sleep; SECRETS For Life Purpose]More Secrets will be added soon — and/or you can learn more at AncientSecretsAcademy.com

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