This True Story Can Change Your Life Forever…

Some people say that a ‘Silent Revolution’ has already begun. Most people hear about the ancient healing secrets of Dr Pankaj Naram through word of mouth, from someone whose life has been changed forever.


Imagine watching someone you love while they experience a deep problem or frustrating pain, like Arthritis, Diabetes, Autism, Obesity, Infertility, Blood Pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Skin Issue, Hair Loss, Depression, Epilepsy, Chronic Health Challenges, & on and on. You know how debilitating the problem is, how much it has affected their life. You see them long for what life was like before the problem, and yet feel sad that it seems at best they are slowing the decline.


One doctor from Berlin, Germany, Dr. Jonas, was the one in his family with the biggest problem. For years his family watched him as he suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He said, “The [toxins] were stored in my body and in my nerves and brain and I couldn’t really focus well and my memory was bad and I had intense heat in my body and the energy levels sometimes were so low that I couldn’t digest. It was a terrible problem and I suffer from that stuff since 1995.” His family knew what he was like before, lots of energy and hope, and then witnessed the frustrating situations he faced like many people experience while struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (e.g. unexplained muscle pain, extreme exhaustion lasting for more than 24 hours after some activity, sore throat, deep fatigue, memory problems, headaches of different types and severities, unrefreshing sleep, and often no good options for helping things to get better). It was difficult for him to study and work, much less to develop or maintain any significant relationship.

Nothing Dr Jonas learned in medical school seemed to be making much of a difference. “I knew that Western medicines couldn’t offer any help. I just somehow had this hope that I can find help somewhere in the future… So I first went to Chinese medicine and Reiki and tried different things, and it all helped a little and I got little better, but maybe like 20 – 30%.” Only things still were not good. And then, as the years went on, things got worse and worse. Until the beautiful day when he met Dr Pankaj Naram.

“I met Dr Naram first of all for my own health problems in 1999, and when I saw him I immediately understood that this person understands my situation fully just by touching my pulse in 2 minutes. This created such hope that I knew I will become better and I started to do the diet and take the herbs he recommended and I became better and better and better up to 2002. I did a ‘panchkarma’ treatment and this created a breakthrough and from that I really started to feel good again and today I feel like maybe only 5% [of the problem] is left!”


Once Dr Jonas got better, his sister, friends, colleagues, and so many other people he knew started to come to see Dr Naram. Dr Jonas noticed, “for many things these ancient healing methods worked like magic [quick] and in other situations it definitely helped but people should know it takes longer and takes some effort in changing diet, lifestyle, etc.”

Among the people who came as a result of Dr Jonas’ getting better, was the happy day about two years ago that he brought his beautiful bride, and just now, after so many years of healing — his biggest joy is being able to bring his brand new baby to meet Dr Naram!

“Thank you Dr. Naram. I think you have really changed my life and I hope I can in the future become a person who really helps in your mission also.”


This is what happens for so many who meet Master Healer Dr Pankaj Naram. They see a big change in their life and then their friends, family, and health care professionals can’t help but notice, and so they ask how they can also live with more vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind. And the silent revolution continues.


For Dr Naram, his unbelievable pleasure is to see so many people finding benefit through the ancient secrets he was taught by his master. “My mission,” he says, “is to bring these ancient secrets, as they are, to help bring deep healing into every home, every heart.”

As people around the world witness the amazing results, including doctors, nurses, and health professionals, they ask, “How can I learn more?”

Universities and clinics in Germany and Italy have now requested Dr Naram to teach their doctor’s  and staff these ancient healing methods. As one example, discover in this video what brilliant German doctors say as they are learning from Dr Naram:


Thanks to the success of past programs, it is with pleasure that a new course will be offered, starting in the summer of 2016, through a university in Berlin, Germany. This is for those in any healing profession who want to go deeper into learning the “Ancient Healing Methods” of Dr Pankaj Naram.

If you are one who would like to learn deep ancient healing methods from Dr Naram, receive updates on this university course, and even apply to attend, you can submit your interest form here:

Another example of someone who has learned a lot from Dr Naram’s training is Chiro Maestro, a dentist and orthodontist from Bologna, Italy.

Chiro Maestro has now used the Ancient Healing Secrets and Remedies of Dr Naram for 10+ years to reduce oral surgeries by 50-60%. Chiro also uses the herbal remedies and diet recommendations of Dr Naram to reduce the need for antibiotics during oral surgery, and speed recovery time after surgery!

In this video, you can hear Chiro Maestro share his experience, and Dr Naram also describes another one of his great pleasures in life – gelato! (As a fun bonus part of the video, Dr Naram reveals how You can enjoy the best tasting gelato or ice cream on the planet, and still maintain vibrant health…)

“Learning these ancient secrets has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life.”

There is only a very limited number of 30 spots available for the upcoming course on “Ancient Healing Methods” from Master Healer Dr Pankaj Naram, but if you would like to be considered for participation you can submit your interest form here:

The course is NOW being offered… here is more course description and information on how to submit an application of interest… Ancient Traditions of Healing: Siddha Veda & Dr. Pankaj Naram | Certification program, Steinbeis Transfer Institute at Steinbeis University, Berlin